EDM 33: Um olho/An eye

05/out/2009 9 comentários

An eye, originally uploaded by aurileide.

Era apenas um exercício para desenhar um olho. Mas o que é um olho isolado senão uma forma perdida e triste? Dei um toque surrealista ao usar um tomate de tapa olho. Tudo para justificar tanto vermelho.

It was only an exercise to draw an eye. But what is a lonely eye in a blank page? Nothing but a sad and lost shape. Made it a bit surreal adding a tomato as the second eye cover. All to justify so much red.

9 comentários

  1. Possum Patty disse:

    I like it! The eye, the tomato, the red!

  2. Phyllis disse:

    This is so fun. Love your celebration of color!

  3. Olha um caolho de tomate…hahaha…bem natural

  4. donna disse:

    Great use of color. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. raena disse:

    This page made me smile, it is definitely a fun take on the challenge!

  6. Donna, thank you so much for your words! Reading nice stuff like that makes me thinking about picking up the pen and draw. Every single day.

  7. You have a wonderful sense of humor! I also love the colorful headband.

  8. Love the eye! I love your tomato and all the color!

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