Hora do almoço / Lunch time

31/out/2009 7 comentários

Hora do almoço / Lunch time, originally uploaded by aurileide.

Sexta-feira tive duas horas pra almoçar. Comi em 20 minutos e usei o resto do tempo pra fazer um desenho da rua e ainda colorir.

Last friday I´ve had two hours to lunch. Ate in a hurry and used most of the time to draw the street in front of the restaurant and still add some color.

7 comentários

  1. Phyllis disse:

    I loved seeing this portrait of Artist at Work. I get so nervous even thinking about drawing in public, though it was one of my goals this year. Good for you!!!

  2. Shirley disse:

    So nice to meet you "in person." you need to show us the finished street painting too! Great job.

  3. Good for you for using your lunch hour to sketch! A habit most of us should take up too.

  4. Alex disse:

    What a productive lunch! :) And I could see that the drawing is very nice too

  5. Possum Patty disse:

    It's the best way to spend your time! Nicely done.

  6. kazumiwannabe disse:

    That's dedication! Cool photo (will we see the drawing finished?) I never dare to draw in public except on top of the hills where a hiker passes every two hours…

  7. What a privilege you have to be able to do art at lunch and outdoors. Lovely painting. You are getting to do what most of us can only dream about. Have many more wonderful lunches.

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