Remake of some Picasso’s work / Releituras de Picasso

03/mai/2010 9 comentários

Releituras de Picasso, upload feito originalmente por aurileide.

In 2005, I was studying color and used to did it through the paitings of the great masters. When I met the blue and pink fases of Picasso, it was like a revelatio to me. It simply made me crazy about the power of one very reduced pallete. This one, he did in 1901 and is a self-portrait. Because of it’s simple beauty, it is one of my favourites.

Em Março de 2005, eu fazia estudos de cor através de releituras de obras dos grandes mestres. Ao encontrar as fases azuis e rosa de Picasso, fiquei durante muito tempo, fascinada pelo poder de uma paleta reduzida. Este, um auto-retrato de Pablo, pintado em 1901, é um dos meus favoritos.

9 comentários

  1. Alex disse:

    fantastic work! I really like the different shades of blue in this one, very cold and solid!

  2. Thank you so much for your words, Alex!

  3. kazumiwannabe disse:

    Wow, that's awesome! very original and it looks fabulous. Hope you'll get to drawing and painting again soon – if only a few minutes a day!

  4. Thank you so much Kazumi! It was the kind of compliment I need to go on…

  5. raena disse:

    Excellent! I do hope life slows down for you soon so you have more time for your art!

  6. nanke's stuff disse:

    You did a wonderful job with this. It's a very powerful piece. nancy

  7. rrARTz disse:

    great painting and the colors are amazing! try to make time, i know it's hard, but so worth it…

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